Ara Ebs - Scuba Fins

SKU: BE135540

Color: BLACK
Size: S/M (7/8)
Sale priceR 2,938.00 ZAR


Ara ebs is cressi's most technical dive fin. It achieves the best performance in compromised situations (currents, etc. ) and allows users to maintain faster forward speeds with quite moderate effort. This fin is based on the construction principles and materials used in freediving and underwater spearfishing fins, and in particular on the concept launched during development of the prestigious gara series. It's the preferred fin among instructors, professionals, and technical divers, who find it to be a propulsive tool that's unbeatable in all conditions. The main feature of this fin is its polypropylene blade that provides an excellent response. And weight is no longer a problem. These fins provide more thrust power to a diver’s kicking, which results into an excellent effort/performance ratio. Special grooving for water channelling moulded on the surface provides outstanding stability and direction. The thermorubber foot pocket (with varying levels of hardness) is very comfortable to wear and a proper fit is ensured by ergonomic design. The heel strap, an exclusive cressi design, is a special round bungee cord band that perfectly adjusts to all foot sizes and shapes and provides a comfortable, practical and manageable fastening. It features a special ample slot for easy don and doff even when wearing thick gloves for cold-water diving

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