Fiji Mask - Scuba mask, Snorkelling mask

SKU: DN220020

Colour: Clear/Blue
Sale priceR 1,090.00 ZAR
Technical Specs
  • Inner membranes: A patented membrane surrounding the inner nose pocket and both the inner eyes pockets which acts as a barrier and traps any moisture escaping from the diver’s nose involuntarily when breathing through the mouth. the result is that not only is the moisture channeled away from the lenses, thus avoiding the fogging up of them, but it also reduces the need to compensate for pressure. to further improve the anti-fog effect, cressi suggests, the first times that the dive mask is used, to spray some anti-fog solution or to apply some saliva on the inside of the lenses and then to rinse them with water.
  • Heat exchanger: The external part of the skirt features a cooling system composed of two small heat exchangers that act as radiators. thanks to this system, the temperature inside mask drops, coming closer to the external temperature and the droplets of humidity are trapped before the air reaches the lenses, preventing them from fogging up.


Fiji is a snorkeling mask that features the ultimate cressi fog stop system. A system of membranes channels the air towards the lower part of the mask, away from the glasses. A second membrane seals the eye socket, so that warm air coming from exhalation does not get on contact with the glass at all. This dramatically limits the fogging of the mask. Another feature of our fog stop system is the heat exchanging structure on the top of the masks silicone blades facilitate heat exchange between the mask ant the water, balancing the temperature between the two in a shorter time. This also helps to reduce fogging. Fiji is a mask thought for snorkeling. It features an elastic band, making it an easy to use mask, that will be appreciated by beginners, people with long hair. It can be used for scuba diving too, but keep in mind that an elastic strap is not as firm as a silicon one

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