Gara Modular Impulse Fins - Freediving fins

SKU: BH092036

Colour: Blue/Metal
Size: 36/37
Sale priceR 2,780.00 ZAR
Technical Specs
  • Excellent propulsive performance without tiring anyone, beginners or professionals
  • Extremely thin and light blade in compound made of elastomerized technopolymers developed by cressi with different thicknesses
  • Stringer consisting of technopolymers with elastomeric loads with high flexural modulus
  • Footpocket / blade angle of 29 degrees
  • Gara modular’s footpocket is wider than the other gara fin models. we suggest to use it with neoprene socks in order to have a proper fit. for use without
  • Neoprene socks, we recommend to buy one smaller size


The blade of the gara modular impulse completes the range of cressi fins, inserting a bending angle of 29 degrees, which allows you to further increase the dynamic performance of the fin. The blade has an incredible resistance to any type of shock, impact or stress, making it almost impossible to break accidentally

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