Light Fins

SKU: DP182035

Color: Blue/Black
Size: 35/36
Sale priceR 730.00 ZAR
Technical Specs

• Designed for pool training and building muscle
• Highly reactive and light material for maximum comfort without tiring your legs
• Anatomic foot pocket
• Helps body motion and position as well as racing technique
• Increased speed
• Improved leg strength and flexibility


The cressi light are specifically designed for pool use and for swim training, but can also be used adequately for recreational swimming and snorkeling. The short blade is made of a highly reactive and light material which guarantees agile and effective kicking while not tiring out your legs. The length of the blade has been researched and studied by cressi to ensure perfect muscle training without causing cramps or discomfort. The anatomically designed foot pocket is made from soft rubber elastomers, and it houses the foot with a great deal of comfort, even during long swimming sessions. Who it is for: the light fins have been specifically designed for training and to build up muscles, but they can also be used for recreational swimming and snorkeling

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