Lince Mask - Scuba mask, Snorkelling mask

SKU: DS312050

Colour: Black/Black
Sale priceR 1,320.00 ZAR
Technical Specs
  • Drastically reduced internal volume
  • Instant-adjust pressure-strap buckles
  • Skirt designed for women and children
  • Excellent visibility and comfort
  • For all underwater activities


The lince can, for all intents and purposes, be considered the matrix's little sister both in volume and dimensions. The lince is descended from the legendary big eyes, which retains all the exceptional features in terms of visibility, with a skirt conceived especially for women and children. It has an incredibly reduced internal volume, even lower than those specifically for freediving and it is delightful to use, even for fans of the most demanding freediving descents. Its extraordinary visibility, paired with superior comfort and an efficient modern strap adjustment system, make this a crucial model for all underwater activities, from snorkeling to deep freediving, to scuba diving

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