Maui Fins - Scuba fins, Snorkelling fins

SKU: CA155238

Colour: Black/Blue
Size: S/M
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The principal characteristics of the maui fin are lightness and ease of use, even for those without well-trained legs. Its weight and dimensions make it easy to stow, but without compromising performance. The maui has been designed with the same sophisticated and advanced finite elements technology used for the first time on the impulse and sprint models. The dual material technology used for the blade means that it is substantially composed of two rigid lateral wings that direct the flow of water to the central section, where the overlaying of a softer and more elastic material makes it more flexible. In this way the blade flexes to create a Òspoon effectÓ, thereby contributing considerable propulsive force. The fin can be used with bare feet or light socks. The fabric covering of the ebs strap prevents perishing of the elastic elements. The heel piece is in soft, anatomical rubber. The grab handle for fitting the fin wraps around the ankle so as to reduce protrusion and avoid chafing while swimming. Even though the ebs itself permits great adaptability and makes donning the fin particularly easy, we have fitted a cleat to the elastic strap to permit further adjustment. This function permits the user to obtain micro-adjustments Ð depending on whether they are wearing a sock or not Ð or simply to loosen or tighten to ensure the foot is held firmly in place but without excessive pressure. Dive centres fins will have heel pieces colour-coded according to sizes to facilitate identification

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