Predator Knife tl 18cm

SKU: RC554500

Color: Black/Black
Sale priceR 1,970.00 ZAR
Technical Specs

• Blade lenght: 8.6 cm - 3.39 inch
• Total lenght: 18 cm - 7.1 inch
• Blade width: 17 mm - 0.67 inch
• Blade thicknesses: 3-5 mm - 0.1-0.2 inch
• Knive-only weight: 120 gr - 0.26 lb
• Weight with sheath: 200 gr - 0.44 lb


Small stiletto knife, designed for underwater fishing. Manageable, blade penetration and durability and grip. The blade extends through the interior of the handle and, at the end of the handle, has a small pommel. Tempered aisi 420 steel with black coating. The duration of these features is guaranteed not by the sharpness itself, but by the quality of the material that guarantees the durability of the blade. Rhomboidal cross section for greater resistance to flexing and breaking. Double-edged blade with one smooth-edged side and the other serrated. Comfortable handle with rubbery polymer coating

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