Reaction EBS Fins - Scuba Fins

SKU: BE095538

Colour: Black/Silver
Size: XS/S (5/6)
Sale priceR 2,480.00 ZAR


Reaction capitalizes on exclusive patented cressi moulding technology that uses three materials and guarantees unparalleled performance. Reaction picks up on many of the innovative characteristics introduced by the rondine a, such as how the blade originates directly from the back of the footpocket, the blade with differential thickness, the dual-material stringers, the sole molded entirely in non-slip material, the extremely comfortable foot compartment designed by computer, and the innovative secure buckles. Along with these excellent features, reaction adds a new longer, more flexible, and lighter blade that can produce excellent propulsive thrust with minimal muscle fatigue and wasted energy. The perfect fin for the modern diver, beginners and professionals alike, it's lightweight, easy to use, and non-fatiguing, but still capable of producing impressive propulsive output, sufficient to safely tackle even the most critical diving situations

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